Zodiac Awards


Zodiac Awards

Only leaders can purchase these badges. Please quote your membership number or name of your scout group in the “order notes” at the checkout.

Postage from £1.28, next day delivery available.



Zodiac Awards for Scouts and up

Zodiac Awards (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum). Postage from £1.28, next day delivery available.

Download the zodiac-award-requirements here.

Scouts Scotland has updated its zodiac award challenges and a created a new badge design.

The purpose of the Zodiac Award is to encourage outdoor nights away experiences.  A variety of environments and at different times of the year qualify for an award. It challenges Scout, Explorer Scout and Scout Network Units to camp more frequently in unfamiliar environments alongside different durations.

There are four awards each require a different number of night’s away experiences. Each experience must include at least one Zodiac Award Challenge.

All four awards are now available. Scouts etc need to complete each award in turn and can either be done after or alongside the Gold Award.

Answers to Zodiac Award questions can be found in the zodiac-award-faq.


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Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum


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