Survival Matches


Survival Matches

20 matches in a waterproof box.

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Survival Matches

Survival matches are the boss of matches. 20 matches in each box.

Do you live in a windy or rainy country? Don’t want to go through a whole box of matched before you get the fire lit?

The matches are probably what you are looking for.

We also have an excellent emergency survival kit for camping, hiking, etc
Strong-lighting matches will light even in heavy wind and rain.
The extra-large head helps to make sure the matches light – and stay lit- every time , even when wet!
Simple and effective kit for outdoor activities.
Good choice for campers.
Plastic container includes 20 matches and striker on the outside.
Matches burn for about 5-10 seconds.
Matchstick length: 5cm
Match head length: 3cm
Colour: Orange





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