Scottish International Events Staged Activity Badge


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Scottish International Events Staged Activity Badge

Any involvement in an international event and a scout etc can earn the Scottish International Events Staged Activity Badge.

The purpose of the stage badges is to encourage interaction between Scottish scouts and
scouts and communities from other countries.
stage 1 Complete one item from list A.
stage 2 Complete stage 1 and a further item from list A and tell your section about the

i. Be part of a scout home hospitality family
ii. Participate in JOTA or JOTI and talk with a scout from overseas or have
an International Scout PenPal.
iii. Visit an international scout event / camp at home or overseas and tell
your section about it. (this may be a drop in or organised trip)
iv. Be part of an informal scout activity with a scout from another country

stage 3 Hold stage 2 and complete one item from LIST B
or one requirement from LIST A and one from LIST B
stage 4 Complete two items from list B (This may be a repeat of the B list event
requirement of Stage 3 but must be a different event E.g. Different Jamborees)
i. Participate fully at an international scout camp or event at home, with
scouts from at least one other country
ii. Participate fully in an overseas scout camp or event with scouts from a
different country and give a report or presentation.
iii. Attend an international jamboree overseas and give a presentation of
the event to an interested group.

stage 5

1. Hold stage 4 or complete one item from LIST B

2. Complete an item from LIST C
i. Participate in an overseas development project and give a presentation
on return
ii. Complete an Explorer Belt which has a challenge that includes local
iii. Attend the World Scout Jamboree and give a presentation on return
iv. Attend a European or World Youth Conference.

List A
i. If another family member gives home hospitality then another scouting member
of the family would be entitled to this award as the will have interacted in some
way with the overseas scout
ii. An opportunity to talk and correspond with a scout from overseas through JOYA
or JOTI or as a PenPal.
iii. Examples are:
a. a Beaver or Cub visit to their Scout Troops camp who are having a
b. visit to an international event e.g. Poachers, Wings, etc
c. Drop in while on a family holiday to an international / overseas scout
iv. Examples are:
a. A scout from overseas is visiting, possibly through parents work and the
scouts meet up for an evening
b. A chance meeting while on holiday with Scouts and take part in an
activity with the Scouts
List B
i. This can be a group or representative event e.g. Group camp with scouts from
overseas, Blair Atholl / Poachers / Wings, etc.
ii. An international exchange at home or overseas, Kandersteg, etc.
iii. An interested group could be a scout section, or outside body e.g. church group,
rotary club, etc.
List C
Self explanatory.

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