Emergency Foil Blanket


Emergency Foil Blanket

Part of our range of survival equipment.

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Emergency Foil Blanket

This is a pack of 2 blankets, 100cm x 200cm each.

The Emergency Foil Blanket is an essential piece of equipment when camping and hiking. When scouts etc are organising their camp kit this should be in the rucksack or day sack. Light and compact it is one of the best survival equipment to have.

In cases of emergency the blanket is wrapped around the body to keep the core temperature at the correct level, reflecting 80% of radiated heat making it suitable for incidences of extreme cold. Windproof and waterproof as well as being highly light reflective, this blanket is a must have when pursuing outdoor activities.
Lightweight and Compact – With a size of 100cm x 200cm it has a large surface area, but can be compacted into a smaller size and weighs almost nothing
Reflects Body Heat and Light – Reflects your body heat back against you keeping you warm, whilst also reflecting light if you need to be seen or spotted from a distance.
Windproof and Waterproof – Stops the elements from making you wet or cold, providing a quicker recovery. This is part of our range of survival equipment.

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