Cub Activity Badges 2020


Cub Activity Badges

Only leaders can purchase these badges. Please quote your membership number or name of your scout group in the “order notes” at the checkout.

Postage from £1.28, Next Day Delivery also available. Free cub worksheets are available.

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Cub Activity Badges 2020

Cub activity badges 2020 have the new style fleur de lis and allow Cub Scouts to show their progress in existing pursuits, but also to try all kinds of new things and form new interests. The list of badges are as follows –

You can see how to earn Cub Activity Badges on the scout national website.

Some badges can be earned at home, or leaders can use the free cub worksheets to award even more badges.

Additional information

Cub Activity Badges

Cub Animal Carer, Cub Artist, Cub Astronomer, Cub Athlete, Cub Athlete Plus, Cub Backwoods Cooking, Cub Book Reader, Cub Chef, Cub Collector, Cub Communicator, Cub Cyclist, Cub DIY, Cub Disability, Cub Entertainer, Cub Environment, Cub Equestrian, Cub Fire Safety, Cub Gardener, Cub Global Issues, Cub Hobbies, Cub Home Help, Cub Home Safety, Cub International Activity, Cub Local Knowledge, Cub Martial Arts, Cub My Faith, Cub Naturalist, Cub Personal Safety, Cub Photography, Cub Pioneering, Cub Physical Recreation, Cub Road Safety, Cub Scientist, Cub Skater, Cub Sports Enthusiast, Cub Water Activities, Cub World Faiths


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