Beaver of the Month Woggle


Beaver of the Month Woggle

Postage from £1.46, Next Day Delivery also available. In addition to the standard beaver plastic woggle use this to encourage good behaviour.

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Beaver of the Month Woggle

The Beaver of the Month Woggle is leather and allows leaders to choose their own criteria for the award. Be inventive and as imaginative as you please. Awarding your deserving Beaver Scout(s) so they can wear it with pride. This is a alternative to the standard maroon plastic woggle.

Leaders can find it to be hard work keeping a colony of beavers motivated. A simple enticement to encourage good behaviour can make all the difference. Set a simple criteria, and watch the beavers faces light up when the are awarded this woggle. £2.50 per month for good behaviour is an investment.

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