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Badge Glue

Badge glue is a great alternative to using a needle and thread for attaching badges to your ponchos and/or blankets. Can also be used to temporarily hold your badges in place on uniform while you sew. This allows you to get the badge in precisely the right position before sewing. The adhesive now used is Loctite 595 which is an upgrade of the previous adhesive. The glue is washer and dryer safe and it’s suggested to allow 24 hours for maximum adhesive strength. It has a removable nozzle for application.
This is a large tube and will be sufficient for more badges than a beaver, cub or scout can earn.
This badge adhesive can be used on any uniform worn by members of the Scout Association. The Scout Association recommend this glue because we believe it is the best badge glue on the market another way of looking at it – it’s like wonderweb for badges. You can get cheap badge glue but will it be as effective?

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