Staged Activity Badges

Staged Activity Badges

Staged Activity Badges are earned by all sections (beaver, cubs, scouts and explorers) and in theory any section can earn the top award of each set of activity badges.

The activity badges which have stages to earn can be broken down to 2 types –

  • the more often you do an activity the higher the badge awarded. For example each time you go on a camp or a hike you could earn a higher level of that particular staged activity badge.
  • the more proficient in an activity you become the higher the award e.g. emergency first aid.

Some activities you are more likely to move up through the stages by taking part in activities outwith scouting, for example swimming.

Keep an eye on our free download section for activity sheets to help young people earn their activity badges.

The staged activity badges include-

Air Activity Staged Badge

Community Impact Staged Badge

Digital Citizen Staged Badge

Digital Maker Staged Badge

Emergency Aid Staged Badge

Musician Staged Activity Badge

Navigator Staged Activity Badge

Paddle Sports Staged Activity Badge

Sailing Staged Activity Badge

Snow Sports Staged Activity Badge

Swimmer Staged Activity Badge

Hikes Away Staged Activity Badge

Nautical Skills Staged Activity Badge

Nights Away Staged Activity Badge

Time on Water Staged Activity Badge

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