Scout Kit List

scout kit list

Nights Away Kit List

All young people will need to bring their personal equipment and should be encouraged to pack it themselves.. You can lay the kit out on the bed, but the scout must pack it in the rucksack,  you won’t be at camp to help find what they’re looking for. This scout kit list is only a guide, each camp is deferent and needs the list adapted e.g. based on the time of year, whether it is an indoor or outdoor camp or an expedition.

Check out or bargain section for end of line camping gear.

Do they have medication to take to camp? Put it in a clear plastic bag or box with their name on it and directions for use inside. Don’t leave the meds in their rucksack e.g. if your child has an asthma attack the leader needs to have the inhaler to hand. Give the meds in their container to the leader who is in charge of first aid at the camp as soon as you arrive.

Best to leave phones and gadgets at home, they will likely get broken at camp.

Home baking at camp goes down a treat, hand some in to camp cook – they will be delighted!

o Complete uniform o Scarf, hat and gloves
o Warm sweaters, jumpers or sweatshirts o Sun hat, sun cream and sun glasses
o T-shirts or similar o Sleeping bag
o Trousers or shorts o Foam roll mat / insulated  camp roll mat
o Spare underclothes (one pair per day) o Plate, bowl, mug and cutlery
o Spare socks (one pair per day) o Tea towel
o Nightwear o Torch and spare batteries
o Hike boots or strong shoes o Personal first aid kit
o Waterproof (coat and trousers) o Day sack and plastic drinks bottle
o Swimwear and towel , Our micro fibre is space saving, ideal for packing into your rucksack o Polythene bags (for dirty clothes)
o Hankies o Teddy!
o Personal washing requirements and towel o  Multi-tool or Survival tin
o Toy o Firelighting Gear
It is best to pack a rucksack or sports bag that you can carry on your back. Suitcases are not suitable for tents.

All items should be clearly labelled with the young person’s name.