There are over 50,000 Scottish Scouts and this number has been growing every year for over a decade.

Scottish Scouting is divided into 8 regions as shown below. There is a scottish scouting wikipage you can visit, along with the SHQ national website.

  1. Highlands and Islands Region.
  2. North East Scotland Region.
  3. East Scotland Region.
  4. South East Scotland Region.
  5. Forth Region.
  6. Clyde Region.
  7. West Scotland Region.
  8. South West Scotland Region.


Fife Scouts number approximately 3,000. Fife Scout Groups are in every corner of the Kingdom – and the number of Fife Scouts are growing! You can find your nearest Scottish Scout Group at Scouts HQ or Google for the scouts in your home town.

Scout Campsite in Fife
Fife Scout Halls for a Sleepover
Fife Scout Shops
Scout Activities in Fife
Scout Minibus Hire in Fife
Map of Fife Scout Groups



Fife Scouts are a part of the East Scotland Region who’s Regional Commissioner is Callum Farquhar.

There are 5 Fife Scout Districts. To the west of Fife the scout provision is provided by both;

Dunfermline Scout District and Rosyth Scout District.
The Central Fife area scout groups come under

Kirkcaldy Scout District and Glenrothes and Levenmouth Scout District

The Scouts in the North of Fife are supported by North East Fife Scout District.

Each District Scout Badge is displayed below.

rosyth scout district badge dunfermline scout district badge kirkcaldy scout district badge glenleven scout District


7 scout groups can be found in Glenleven District –

91st Scout Group (Stenton), 50th scout Group (Woodside), 58th Scout group (South Parks), 89th Scout Group (North Glen), 18th Scout Group (Kennoway), 23rd Scout Group (Leven), 25th Scout Group (Markinch).

11 scout groups in Kirkcaldy District

Kirkcaldy hosts a number of great facilities, including the Wemyss Firs campsite, water sports at Kinghorn Loch, and minibus hire from the Dunnikier Scout Group 

8 groups in Rosyth District

11 groups in Dunfermline District

Cairneyhill Scout Group

Linburn Scout Group


Geographically you have Edinburgh Scouts to the South and Dundee Scouts to the North. Both are famous for their Scout Gang Show.



For scout groups looking to go camping there is an abundance of scout camp facilities in Fife, from the small and excellently maintained Wemyss Firs Scout Camp site in Kirkcaldy Scout District, to the larger, suitably named, Nine Acres Campsite, Scout Campsite in Dunfermline District and the premium campsite at the Scottish Scout Headquarters in Fordell Firs.

This means 3 of the 5 Fife Scout Districts having campsites in their geographical area. The Wemyss Firs campsite is on the Standing Stane Road, Dysart. The site is normally booked by one group at a time due to it’s size, though some groups will share. The Kirkcaldy Scouts are always developing the campsite and introducing new activities, all of which are self-led, including orienteering, pioneering along with the must have campfire and tree swing. Get a feel for the site by visiting the Wemyss Firs Facebook page.

wemyss firs


The Nine Acres Campsite has enough open space to accommodate 3 groups, with the most interesting area being the island. Located on the edge of Crook of Devon and is currently owned by 2nd Fife Scout Group. It is able to be used by all Youth organisations.

Scottish Scouts have their Head Quarters in the Rosyth Scout District, at Fordell Firs, there is even Rosyth Scouts in Fordell Firs! i.e. their group is based there, what a fantastic place for Rosyth Scouts to meet. The list of activities available at Fordell Firs Activity Centre are too numerous to mention them all but the 3G swing is probably one of the most popular.

The next site is not a scout campsite but is an excellent location to camp for a weekend. Pillars of Hercules. <more details to follow>


Scout Halls for a Sleepover

Indoor accommodation is available at Nineacres (for leaders) and Fordell Firs however other accommodation is limited to scout halls. Most Fife Scout Groups who own their own hall will be able to accommodate a visiting group for a night or 2. It is worth highlighting the St Andrews Scout Hall and Leven Scout Hall which are both located near swimming pools, the beach and public parks (along with shops for the essentials).


Scout Shops in Fife

akelas den   

While we’re on the topic of retail therapy, it is worth mentioning the 3 Scout outlets in Fife. In Dunfermline District their local scout shop is located at St Leonard’s Church (Access off Woodmill Rd before junction at bottom of Queen Margaret Dr. Access through gate and small building on left hand side. All uniforms available (including Sea Scouts) and anything special can be ordered. All profits go to local scouting with Dunfermline Groups receiving a rebate annually. Cashless payment facility is now available.

In Rosyth you have Akela’s Den, 27 TOWNHALL STREET Inverkeithing, KY11 1LX

Lastly there is the Glenrothes Scout and Girlguiding Shop, Stenton Jubilee Community Centre, Dunrobin Road, Glenrithes, KY7 4SH. The Glenrothes Scout Shop is the largest of the 3 and easiest to access as it is just of the A92. Find out more about the Glenrothes Scout Shop Here.


Activities for Scouts in Fife

Water Sports are provided for at 4 main locations, Newburgh, Lochore Meadows, Kinghorn Loch and East Neuk Water Sports Centre.

Take a hike along the Fife Coastal Path, you could earn a multitude of Hike Away badges during this activity. Each coloured pin on the map below represents a point of interest along the way, visit the Fife Coastal Path website for more details.

fife coastal path

Take a visit to Fife Airport in Glenrothes, the welcome scout troops for a tour including a look atthe aircraft in the hangers and a sit in the airport fire engine, probably the smallest fire engine we’ve ever seen!

Fife Airport

Whilst you can’t ski in Fife the easy access to this activity makes it worthwhile mentioning here. Skiing facilities are just a short distance away (Hillend, Edinburgh and Glenshee) which means Scouts in Fife have an excellent opportunity to learn and become proficient in skiing. Fife Scouters, like most, aim to carry out activities as cheaply as possible. Having free access to ski equipment is a definite plus. There’s free hire of ski equipment from the Cairneyhill Scout Group. If you’re planning on going skiing remember to pack some scout snow sports activity badges and staged activity badges.

Fife will often host overseas scout groups who are visiting the Blair Atholl Jamborette.


Scout Minibus Hire


Transporting scouts to the various scout activities is always a logistical problem. Add skiing equipment and now you need a trailer. Fortunately the Cairneyhill Scout Group have 2 minibuses and a trailer for hire. The fee for using them covers their costs i.e. they are cheap. Visit the scout minibus hire webpage for more details.

Minibus. Life is so much easier when going on a scout outing if you have access to a minibus. In Fife there is a plethora of buses available –

Cairneyhill Scout Group – 2 minibuses available and a trailer. Book a scout minibus here

14th Fife Dunnikier Scout Group – 2 minibuses and a trailer. Book a minibus here

4th Fife cardenden minibus. 1 minibus, book the minibus here.

Cupar Scout Group. Book the minibus here

BRAG Minibus. Book the minibus here.

Minibuses are also available from Fife Council schools, please contact the school for details of how to hire their bus.

All the minibuses are 17 seater (including the driver) except the BRAG minibus which seats 15, including the driver.


Map of Scout Groups in Fife

This map displays most of the towns with a scout group in it, but there currently isn’t a map showing all the groups.

scouts in fife

Kirkcaldy Scout District

Kirkcaldy Scout District is situated in the central south area of Fife and has lots to offer including water sports in Kinghorn Loch, camping at Wemyss Firs, minibus hire to go further afield and (like all Fife Scout Districts access to the Fife Coastal Path and beaches). Kirkcaldy Scout District is one of the most compact Scout Districts in East Scotland Scout Region but packs 11 of Scottish Scout Groups into it’s small area.

There is also an excellent District Scout Website and most of the groups have a scout website, Scout Group Facebook page or both, please see the table below for details. You can also click on each image below to expand.

The district is run by a strong leadership team headed by Dick Cook, District Commissioner.

Kirkcaldy doesn’t have an official Scout Shop. There may be a shop selling uniforms their range is limited and their prices can be higher than at the Glenrothes Scout Shop . Visit the Glenrothes Shop to get expert advice from the volunteer leaders who run the shop. Our stock of uniforms never runs out.

fife coastal path kinghorn loch Kirkcaldy Scouts DUNNIKIER SCOUTS MINIBUS wemyss firs kirkcaldy scout district badge

4th Fife (Cardenden) Scout Group4th Fife Facebook Page4th Fife Facebook PageSorry we don't have a website yet.Cardenden Road, CardendenWe have our own hall and a minibus.
5th Fife (Dunnikier Road) Scout GroupSorry, we're not on Facebook5th Fifes Website10 Dunnikier Rd, Kirkcaldy KY1 2RU
6th Fife (Kinghorn) Scout GroupWe're not hereWe're not here either!But we are here - Kinghorn Parish Church Hall, Burntisland Road, Kinghorn, KY3 9RB
11th Fife (Burntisland) Scout Group11th Fife Scouts Facebook Page 11th Fife on the webParish Church Hall, East Leven Street, Burntisland, KY3 9DX
14th Fife (Dunnikier) Scout Group14th Fife Facebook Page14th Fife WebsiteGlenbervie Road, Kirkcaldy, Own Hall, Minibus x2, Trailer.
24th Fife (Dunearn Drive) Scout Group24th Fife Facebook Page24th Fife WebsiteDunearn Drive, Kirkcaldy, KY2 6AT
33rd Fife (Lochgelly) Scout Group33rd Fife on FacebookSorry - no website
35th Fife (Dysart) Scout GroupSorry, we're not on FacebookOur web presence is hereQuarry Brae, Kirkcaldy, KY1 3AT
80th Fife (Linktown) Scout Group80th Fife Facebook PageOur website presenceLinktown Church Hall, Nicol Street, Kirkcaldy, KY1 1TJ
86th Fife (Abbotshall) Scout Group86th Fife Facebook Page86th Fife WebsiteChapel Road, Kirkcaldy, KY2 6TU
115th Fife (Chapelhill) Scout Group115th Fife facebook Page115th Scout Group WebsiteChapel Road, Kirkcaldy, KY2 6TU

Dunfermline Scout District

Dunfermline Scout District

Dunfermline Scouts geographically runs from M90 motorway in the East to Kincardine in the West. There are 11 Scout Groups in the District, 7 of the Groups are located within the city of Dunfermline, while the other 4 are in the villages of Crossford, Cairneyhill, Limekilns and Carnock.

Dunfermline has an official Scout Shop run by Dunfermline District Scouts, which sells scout uniforms. Visit the Glenrothes Shop or Akelas Den if you want a larger range of products e.g. the items needed for going camping. Parents cam also get expert advice from the volunteer leaders who run the shops.

83RD FIFE (CAIRNEYHILL) SCOUT GROUPCairneyhill Scout Group Facebook Rd, Cairneyhill, Dunfermline KY12 8RN
116TH FIFE (CARNOCK & GOWKHALL) SCOUT GROUPcommunity centre on Camps Road, Carnock, Dunfermline, KY12 9JP
114TH FIFE (LINBURN) SCOUT GROUPLinburn Scouts Facebook Pagelinburnscouts.scotScout Hall on Abbey View, Dunfermline, KY11 4AH
81ST FIFE (1ST BROONHALL) SEA SCOUT GROUP81st Fife Facebook Page81st on the webScout hall on Capernaum, Limekilns, Dunfermline, KY11 3JR.
62ND FIFE (CROSSFORD) SCOUT GROUP62nd Fife on Facebook62nd Fife on the62nd Fife on the web webScout Hall on George V Park, Cairneyhill Road, Crossford, Dunfermline, KY12 8NZ
44TH FIFE (ST LEONARD’S) SCOUT GROUP44th Fife on F44th Fife on Facebookacebook44th Fife on the webSt Leonards Church on Brucefield Avenue, Dunfermline, KY11 4SX
40TH FIFE (TOUCH) SCOUT GROUP40th Fife 40th Fife on Facebookon Facebook40th Fife WebsiteAdamson Hall, Garvock Bank, Dunfermline, KY114JZ
39TH FIFE (ST MARGARET`S) SCOUT GROUP39th Fife on Facebook39th Fife websiteScout Hall on Carron Grove, Dunfermline
26TH FIFE (VIEWFIELD) SCOUT GROUP26th Fife o26th Fife on Facebookn FacebookViewfield Scout Group (26th Fife)Viewfield Baptist Church in Dunfermline. 2 Viewfield Terrance, Dunfermline,KY12 7HZ
3RD FIFE (RBLS) SCOUT GROUP3rd Fife on Facebookno websiteScout hall on Piggies lane in Dunfermline. Leys Park Road, Dunfermline, KY12 0AA
2ND FIFE (DUNFERMLINE) SCOUT GROUP2nd Fife on Facebook2nd Fife Websitescout hall on Urquhart Crescent in Dunfermline.

Rosyth Scout District

Rosyth Scout District has 8 groups, a District Explorer Unit and an Active Support Team. Details of each group can be seen on the Rosyth Scout Groups Page. Geographically one of the smallest, and in one of the most picturesque settings with the Forth and the bridges across it on their doorstep.

The District also has the Scouts Scottish HQ in the District and Fordell Firs Outdoor Activity Centre, a fantastic resource for scout groups throughout Scotland and beyond.

Rosyth District is also home to Akelas Den, a popular Scout Shop in the area.

Glenrothes and Levenmouth Scout District

Glenrothes and Levenmouth Scout District (shortened to Glenleven) has 7 scout groups. It is the smallest of the District, and like the rest is growing in size. Glenleven District is the home of the Glenrothes Scout Shop, ideally situated just off the A92 for all Fifers to visit. It’s open 6pm-7:30pm Tuesday and Friday along with 9am to 4pm on Saturdays.

Glenleven’s District Commissioner is Andrew Donald.

In 2019 Markinch Scout Group celebrate 100 years of scouting and the Leven Scout Group celebrate 110 years!

North East Fife Scout District

North East Fife Scout District (NEF District), NEF Scout District covers the largest part of Fife’s coast and therefore the Fife Coastal Path. This also gives them lots of access to water based activities.

Nestling between NEF District and Glenleven District are the Lomond Hills. Great for a hike and with the Pillars of Hercules at the foot of East Lomond makes a great place to stop for a bite to eat or camp.

NE Fife doesn’t have an official Scout Shop. The nearest is the Glenrothes Scout Shop . Visit the Glenrothes Shop to get expert advice from the volunteer leaders who run the shop. Our stock of uniforms never runs out and our prices are as cheap as on the internet. Plus you have the advantage of trying before buying!

10th Fife (1st Cupar)Cupar Scouts on FacebookCupar Scouts on the WebThe Scout Hall, Provost Wynd, Cupar KY15 5HH
70th Fife (Ceres)Ceres Scouts on Facebookno website at present.Ceres Memorial Hall , Anstruther Road Ceres KY15 5NH

1st North East Fife (Newburgh)Newburgh Scouts on Facebookno website at present.
82nd Fife (Balmullo)Balmullo Scouts Group on Facebookno website at present.Hayston Park, Balmullo, St Andrews, KY16 0DH
88th Fife (Kinshaldy)Kinshaldy Scout Group on Facebookno website at present.
15th Fife (Freuchie)not on FacebookFreuchie Scout GroupFactory Road, High St, Freuchie KY15 7ET
34th Fife (Newport)34th Fife on Facebookno website at present.
8th Fife (St Andrews)8th Fife on FacebookSt Andrews Scouts on the Web
78th Fife (Auchtermuchty)Auchmuty Beaver Scouts on FacebooAuchtermuchty Beaver Scouts on FacebookkAuchtermuchty Scouts on the WebScout Hut in the Low Road Park, Auchtermuchty
37th Fife (1st Tayport)Tayport Beavers and Cubs on FaceboTayport Beavers and Cubs on Facebookokno website at present
12th Fife (East Neuk)East Neuk Scouts on FacebookEast Neuk Scouts on Facebookno website at present