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Take the In-Stock Challenge


‘In Stock’ Guarantee or get 10% Off Your Next Order

If our products are listed as being in stock and you place an order we will give you a 10% discount off your next order if we get it wrong as an apology.

Example 1:

Leader’s shirt shown as 1 in stock, £24. You place an order and get an email to say the product is out of stock and will be posted once new stock arrives. You will be receive a discount code for 10% off your next order, no matter the value.

Example 2:

You order 20 Cub Road Safety badge, £0.65 each total cost £13. Our website shows 30 being in stock when you placed your order however we actually only have 25 in stock. You will be receive a discount code for 10% off your next order, no matter the value.

Example 3:

Our site shows nil scouts martial arts badges in stock, but states they are available on back order. You order 5. You won’t receive a discount code because our website showed we had none of the badges in stock i.e. the stock level displayed was correct.

Your receipt will confirm what the website has displayed i.e. which badges are in stock and which are on back order, it is where we get the number in stock wrong you will receive a 10% discount code.

No requirement to apply for the discount code, we will email it to you shortly after processing your order and the discount code will not have an expiry date.


  1. We’re about to start at 3rd troop to meet demand (hurrah). We have a group with ‘bird’ patrols, our second group has ‘animal’ patrols…our third (new) troop is to have colour patrols – but you don’t have those badges in stock 😮 This isn’t an ‘in stock challenge’ as you don’t claim to – but just wondered why 😮

    • Hi Jo, the Scout Association has been ‘reviewing’ the patrol badges. They have now released new stock with the new FDL. Admittedly we have always had a low stock of patrol badges i.e. matching the call for them from customers. We will start to stock the badges with the new FDL. We will start to stock more as we head towards the new term, if you have any special requests please let me know, . Excellent work with the 3rd troop, btw!.

      Andrew (Volunteer Manager)

      ps, we have the same stock control with neckerchiefs i.e. we stock what our customers ask us to stock (and we keep them in stock so there is never a delay in posting them to you).

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