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Beaver Sweatshirt 2020

The Beaver Sweatshirt 2020 (i.e the latest style), is the fundamental part of the beaver scout uniform. It's worn to each beaver activity e.g. meeting at the hall or on a outing along with the group neckie (supplied by the group). The Beaver scouts sweatshirt can have a beaver polo shirt worn underneath it, allowing your son or daughter to still be in the section colour when they take their beaver sweatshirt off during games and other vigorous activities.

All the badges the beaver scout earns are sewn on to the beavers jumper.

Attaching the badges to the beaver scout sweatshirt as soon as they are awarded is important to your child. If time is a factor Badge glue is also a popular item for busy parents who have limited time to sew badges on to beavers uniform.

This beaver scout scout jumper is made in functional easy care, hard wearing polyester cotton. The beaver uniform also has purple tipping contrasts on the collars and cuffs. Features Machine Washable Polyester cotton fabric

Record your child's time in Beavers with the Beaver Logbook . It has stickers an space for the Beaver to write information in it. This beaver book is full of information to help parents for example, where the badges are sewn, what the beaver scout promise is and who the beaver leader is.

The beaver will be presented with a beavers neckerchief, plastic woggle and beaver badges when they are invested. You can personalise the beavers scout uniform with a beaver woggle.

Have you seen the matching beaver polo shirt?

Selecting the right size of sweatshirt is important as it is to last up to 2 years. Currently the manufacturer states the sizes displayed should equal the measurement of your childs chest.  Please measure your child to determine the clothes size accordingly. Alternatively the age guide is below, though our preference is the height of the child which we find to be the best guide, please see below.

AGE to Approximate Size

Age 5 - to fit chest sizes 22", 24"
Age 6 - to fit chest sizes 26", 28"
Age 7 - to fit chest sizes 30", 32"
Age 8 - to fit chest sizes 34", 36"

Height to approximate chest size

Height less than 110cm - chest sizes 22"
Height between 110cm - 120cm chest size 24"
Height between 120cm - 125cm chest sizes 26"
Height between 125cm - 130cm chest size 28"
Height between 130cm - 135cm chest sizes 30"
Height between 135cm - 140cm chest size 32"
Height between 140cm - 145cm chest size 34"
Height of 145cm and above chest sizes 36"

Additional information

Weight .325 kg
Dimensions 28 × 34 × 4 cm

22", 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36"






Material: 65% polyester / 35% cotton


Scout Association

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  1. Susan

    Very happy with this sweatshirt, it made a great gift! Thank you for the prompt delivery!

  2. Amanda

    Pleased to find this is a good quality genuine scout sweatshirt.

  3. Mark

    Great service, thank you! The sweatshirt is just perfect.

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